The Life of Kitty Su

A discerning woman of taste, class & distinction

A Global Modern Woman

Global in her sensibility yet firmly grounded in her Indian roots, she had travelled the world and mingled with the who's who. She effortlessly amalgamated the chic sophistication of Audrey Hepburn with the graceful humility of Maharani Gayatri Devi.

A modern women both in ideal as well as her outlook, Kitty Su knew and always spoke her mind. Open to novel ideas yet decisive, the strength of her convictions was an integral part of her persona. Her fierce independence and unwavering determination were traits admirable to the women and intimidation to the men of her generation.

Kitty Su adored the complimentary contradictions of the colors black & red. While one symbolized her passionate facet, the other her subtle finesse. A renowned patron of the art she possessed an enviable art collection by coveted artists both global & ethnic. Apart from few close friends, family & associates most were unaware of the extent of Kitty Su's affluence or her desirable social connections. She preferred it that Way. She was brought up to believe that wealth whispers and money shouts.

Larger Than Life Exclusive Soirees

From a very young age she was included in the exclusive soirees organised by her parents and immediate family. Watching handsome men & glamorous women make witty conversions and dance the night ways. Kitty Su become skilled in the art of entertaining. She has keen ear for music and inherent sense of rhythm, adapting to the various forms of dance with great ease.

The life of every party, Kitty Su was partial to a glass of bubbly, always preferring the authentic; Champagne was her choice of beverage. A woman of her times, she thoroughly enjoyed to smoke, a habit that would continue for all of her adult life. Always one to make a even the smallest of practices into larger than life fashion statements. An ivory cigarette case and awe-inspiring lengthy holder could be found on her person all the time.

An astute judge of character she shifted the genuine from the self-serving climbers with her sharp sixth sense. Her infamous 'List' became a part of urban myth; keeping everyone constantly guessing was a game Kitty Su very much liked to play to be included in her exclusive list was no mean task. A certain lineage cultured upbringing and a refinement were strict pre-requisites. Many optimistic candidates, from all walk of life, tried and failed miserably. She set very clear demarcations between her 'Diwan-e-Aam' and her 'Diwan-e-Khaas'. Both equally sought after. She preferred to host the former in the common areas and the salon of her palatial home, opting to entertain the latter in her private rooms. The access to her personal chamber were restricted and heavily guarded.

The Final Moment

Death became her in her luxurious bathroom. Her self-confessed haven that she would often retreat to escape the madness of the world that surrounded her. She had a piccolo of champagne in one hand and her beloved cigarette holder in the other. Even in death, Kitty Su was incorrigibly beautiful & enchanting.

The Perfect Tribute

Many were inspired by the incredible stories of her lustrous life. Her verve had touched countless in the deepest of ways. Especially those she held close to her heart. Artists, poets, designers, writers, tycoons and star entertainers, each chose to pay homage to her in their own personal way.

But one close friend & confidant offered Kitty Su, perhaps the most befitting tribute. A ritzy nightclub named after her. Dedicated to her memory, he believed he had managed to capture her holistic essence within this environment. Nurturing her undying spirit for the generations to come, Kitty Su had lived a full and happy life. One that most could only dream of. Her fabulous legacy lives on forever in the eponymous Kitty Su's.