Around 1999-2000, K.T first got exposed to Goa psychedelic trance.
In the next few years , he found himself attracted to the more organic sounds of the night – heavy baselines and intricately fused non mechanical/industrial leads.
The Parvati sound immediately found a special place in his heart- which he started to promote from the early days in and around the Indian subcontinent.

In 2005- a friend taught him how to beat match on a mixer and 2 cdjs. He played his first DJ set in Delhi for friends around that time and since then has been regularly playing in party’s and festivals in and around India.

By 2006, he was making open air party’s under the banner NoNameProjekt (along with a close friend) to spread the Scandanavian sonic messages. He also helped few big festivals program their line up for the night time.

Staying in Delhi, the Himalayan mountains have played a big part in the life (and dj sets!) of K.T. You can usually hear the sounds of the mountains in a typical K.T dj set- complete with sweeping atmospheres, organic crunchy sounds and rumbling kick-bass; K.T likes to take his listeners on a deep journey ‘inward’ rather than an outwardly experience. Best suited for the night time crowd who like their music served tribal and psychedelic !

K.T has shared the stage with : Monno Onkel Dunkel, Zoolog, Stranger, Ringo Gringo, Annoying Ninjas, Stranger, Dennis the Menace, Drone Bixie, Alien Mental, Jaffa, Kindzadza, Psykovsky, Giuseppe, Gidra, Polyphonia, Zik, Orestis, Arjuna, Tadashi, Hutti Heita, Loke, Gu, Ken, Jun, Papiyan, Mussy Moody, Digitalien, Ectogasmics, Flipknot, Gappeq, White Wizard, Wicked Sound System, Yidam, Bubble Guns, The Vipers, Tarun, Braindrop, MDS, Electrypnose, Enchkin, Para Halu, Vaeya, Shiva Central, Mash, Neuromotor, Dale and few more.