Corrupt Illusionist is the brain child of MOHIT JAIN, a Delhi based musician who has been at the forefront of both rock & psychedelic trance music scene for the past 10 years.

Mohit’s journey started out listening to new metal music with his major influences coming from bands like Mudvayne, Deftones , korn, slipknot etc. He started his musical journey as a drummer against his parent’s will but perseverance paid off when he was gifted a drum kit for his 15th birthday. Since then he has played as a drummer &a vocalist for many bands including Half Way Through,1833AD, Zealotry. His journey was embarked towards more heavy sounds, so he turned to incorporating electronic music with the sublime melodies, crisp guitar riffs and soundscaped drum patterns .

Mohit started DJ’ing as a hobby continuously using various softwares and learning their uses and tricks for developing his own unique sound and music style. He started playing for his friends at house parties and other small gatherings as he was always interested in sharing new sounds & music. As the days passed by, he came in contact with other psychedelic trance music produces.He got to know and learn more about electronic music and thus could carve out the sounds that he would define his sound.

He define his genre of music as “corrupt and twisted”. He has been responsible for dance floor stomp massacres across various venues in Delhi and NCR.

He has had the pleasure for opening for various world renown artist like Highstyle, Whiptonge, Arjuna, Antagon, Junx Punx, Hyperactive 25, Wario, Psycho Bunny, Fobi, Oxidaksi, Yatzee, Dirty Saffi, Technical Hitch, Psysex, magic seeds etc.

Corrupt Illusionist is right at home when given a proper night time slot because that is the time where his music does proper justice creating an ambience and feel of the deep forest sounds and melodies which are the natural organic sounds!!